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10 Reasons Why Parents Choose Dance for Their Children

At The Pointe, we’re ALL about the benefits of positive dance education.  We not only learn awesome choreography and technique, but we also develop skills that help us throughout our lives.

The National Dance Education Organization reported on the impact of dance education for students between kindergarten and 12th grade in 2013.  Today, we’re bringing you 10 great reasons parents choose dance for their kids.

1. Dance is an outlet for children to express themselves.

Kids feel emotions very deeply – and learning healthy ways of expressing those emotions is a big part of “growing up”.  Dance teaches a healthy and active way to express emotions and stories through movement!

2. Dance helps your child develop empathy.

Just like #1, learning to process our own emotions is a big part of a child’s development.  Understanding the emotions of others takes this emotional learning one step further.  In dance classes, students work together as a team and learn how their actions and words impact those around them.

3. Dance is a safe space where your child can feel supported, validated, and accepted.

At The Pointe, our dancers are welcomed and embraced for who they are!  Our young students not only have positive role models in their instructors to look up to, but also assistants and older dancers who love supporting and cheering on the younger dancers around the studio!

4. Dance supports your child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Not only does dance help teach emotional expression and empathy, it is an active activity!  Dance teaches children to love movement and being active.

5. Dance challenges your child to focus their attention for a longer period of time.

Our progression of leveled classes is a great example of this – our 3-year-old students start out in a 45-minute class each week, which gradually grows as they get older.  When dancers continue to add on classes and time in class as they grow, their ability to focus on one task for a longer period of time continues to improve!

6. Dance helps make connections between your child’s prior knowledge and new experiences.

We see this in tap class all of the time!  First, we learn to shuffle.  Next, we learn to switch our weight to the other foot.  Then, we learn to make a sound with the tip of our tap shoes behind the standing leg.  After learning all of the individual components, we put those together to perform a maxi-ford!  Children in dance learn to master skills they already know and to be willing to try new skills and approach a challenge.

7. Dance improves your child’s long-term recall.

We learn and rehearse our routines for recital for months!  Dancers in class learn choreography one week, then review it and add a little more the next week.  At our June recital, students are recalling choreography and steps that they started practicing in January.  This long-term recall and combination of “old” and “new” knowledge helps them use their memory to learn and retain important information!

8. In dance, all of your child’s senses are engaged.

To learn dance steps or choreography, students watch, listen, and practice the movement.  We see, hear, and feel the class material!  We could mention the scent of the dance shoes after a sweaty class, but will just leave that one out 🙂

9. Dance helps your child develop gross and fine motor skills.

We practice age-appropriate skills in every class – our curriculum is heavily informed by childhood development.  Movements learned in dance class can translate to other sports and activities later on!

10. Dance helps to wire your child’s brain for successful learning.

Actively participating in a dance class teaches children to learn by watching, by listening, and by doing.  Building strengths in these three learning methods will help them adapt to different teaching styles in school!

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