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8 Emotions Every Dancer Experiences at Competition

With our first competition of the season coming up soon, we are SO excited!  Dancers work SO hard for months to prepare for the competition season.  In addition to preparing their technique and choreography, dancers get ready for a weekend full of emotions.  We thought we’d have some fun on the blog today sharing these emotions with you!

1. Excitement!  We’ve worked so hard for this for so long, and we can’t wait to share the routines with the audience and judges.  Going to school on Friday before a competition weekend is tough and dancers are probably sitting in class like this:

2. Nervous!  We spend hours in the studio learning, rehearsing, and cleaning choreography and only get one chance to perform.  Most routines have had over 20 hours of rehearsal and are less than 3 minutes long to perform.

3. Calm, cool, collected.  Our coaches work with dancers to prepare for the performance with a thorough warmup, stretch, and positive visualization so they are feeling supported and confident when they reach the stage.

4. Joy!  Onstage, dancers get to do their favorite thing – dance!  Performing for an audience and knowledgable judges is an absolute rush.

5. Pride.  Giving the best performance possible brings such a strong sense of pride and accomplishment.  Celebrating that with our team and our parents is amazing.  We’re so lucky at The Pointe – our team is so close.  Dancers often leave the stage to see their fans – first one of their coaches, then their closest friends and parents, and then all of the PSD families!  Our dancers have a community of friends and parents that support them through it all.

(These 5 repeat for every routine!  We have dancers who compete anywhere between one and 9 routines every competition weekend!)

6. Awards time!  We have fun onstage dancing with our team, and learn to accept the results of our performances with grace.

7. Tired.  Competition weekends are long and full of performances and emotions.  At the end, we wish there was another weekend to recover from our weekend!

8. Ready to do it again.  After a good sleep, we’re ready to get back in the studio and keep working on improving ourselves and our pieces as much as we can before we pack up our dance duffels for another competition!

Here’s to making this season our best one yet.  💖💜💙⁠

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