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“[Our daughter] has always loved to dance and being part of Company at The Pointe has provided her opportunities to do what she loves while learning from the best. Dance has taught [her] more than technique and ability, dance has taught her how to use her confidence and enthusiasm to succeed.
               -Amy, mom of a company dancer

** Stay tuned for an updated video for auditions for the 2020-2021 season soon!**

Dance is a performing art!  If you love to perform, consider the benefits of becoming a member of Company at The Pointe!  Company is our performance-focused competitive dance team.

We offer a flexible Company structure to allow as many dancers as possible the opportunity to participate.  Company dancers perform in 3 – 4 regional competitions (3 competitions for Mini Company and 4 for Company) in addition to the Holiday Showcase, Company Preview Show, and Recital.

Dancers must audition to be placed in Company.  Company dancers must also take technique classes (class requirements vary).

Company at The Pointe is a positive and uplifting competitive dance experience.  Dancers work as a team to improve their technical and performance skills, and grow in work ethic, time management, confidence, and teamwork.

Dancers who join Company at The Pointe must be prepared to make a serious commitment and sometimes sacrifice other activities or opportunities in favor of their commitment to Company.  All competitions, recitals, and rehearsals are required, and excellent attendance and effort in classes and rehearsals is expected.

Benefits of Company at The Pointe:

  • Confidence
  • Positive body image
  • Physical fitness – increased strength, flexibility, and stamina
  • Exposure to different dance & teaching styles
  • Stage experience, which builds artistry
  • Accelerated dance training
  • Ability to work as a part of a team
  • Time management skills
  • Independence
  • Personal responsibility
  • Feedback from industry professionals via judges’ competition critiques
  • Training for good sportsmanship
  • Patience
  • Strong work ethic
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Quick learning and retention of choreography and corrections
  • Social skills
  • Dance team bonding
  • Opportunity for leadership within the team
  • Sense of belonging in a group
  • Practicing goal-setting individually and as a team, and creating plans to achieve those goals
  • Skills for encouraging others – members of their own dance team as well as younger/older dancers
  • Drive for excellence
  • Adaptability
  • Practice handling both successes and disappointments with grace and kindness
  • Multiple performing opportunities
  • Travel opportunities
  • Becoming a role model for other dancers at the studio and in the community

Having a GREAT Audition

What to expect at the audition

  • Auditions are like a dance class without a warmup.  Arrive early to warm up and stretch.  Wear a leotard, dance shorts, tan tights, jazz shoes, and a neat bun.
  • Dancers will learn a short routine and perform that multiple times in small groups.
  • Auditions are fun and friendly!  Every dancer will be encouraged to do their best and enjoy the experience.

Having a great audition

  • Plan ahead!  Plan your ride, outfit, and arrival to leave plenty of time for stretching and warming up.
  • Relax and have fun!  This is a friendly, positive experience and a GREAT preparation for other audition experiences.  “Learn the ropes” about auditioning in a safe environment!

What if I don’t make it or make the group I wanted?  A note for dancers and their parents:

  • Not everyone who auditions will be ready for Company.  Some dancers may be members one year, but not another.
  • There is something to be learned from every audition, regardless of the outcome.  Dancers who are not selected this time should be encouraged to keep dancing and try again next season!  Dancers who are selected for our competitive dance team should be humbled by the opportuntity and gracious towards others.  Attitudes at the end of auditions can reveal more than the actual audition itself and make a lasting impression… make yours a good one!
  • Audition results are final.   Students are welcome to ask for feedback for improvement after auditions, however, requests for a re-evaluation of placement by students or parents will not be accepted.  We are preparing dancers for real-world experiences, and gaining experience dealing with exciting successes and tough disappointments in a safe environment will benefit them in their future.
  • Casting is not complete until partway through the summer – keep working!  Casting takes place based on skill level, attendance, and effort in class.