First Week of Dance – Starting our 2020 School Year

Opening Week – in 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write here on the blog. I had some posts in progress before the pandemic hit, but they weren’t the right things to post after that.

Since then, I’ve been busy trying to keep the studio going.  This summer, we produced 225+ individual recital performances to give the kids something positive, and continue to work as hard as I can to continue to keep our kids involved and uplifted, my staff team employed, and our studio and businesses afloat.

Just as many families finally felt the relief of a plan to get back to school, our community was hit with the derecho. Amidst all of the destruction, our community did what it does best – rally together to help those in need.  The studio was amongst the lucky ones – only minor damage, and we had power restored within a few days.

With this, we chose to open on schedule for the school year.  We knew that some families may not be able to make it yet but hoped to encourage those who could.  Our team hopes that students who have an amazing dance class share their joy with their families. We believe our students need dance now more than ever.

After our first week of classes, we had a staff meeting. 

An instructor shared a story that speaks so strongly to why we do what we do at The Pointe. This seemed like a perfect way to get back into my writing and blogging routine.

A student in Ballet 1 told us she hasn’t been outside of her house, yard, or car since March. She came back to the studio in person this week – her first visit outside of her home or car.  She told her instructor that before they left home, she felt nervous, anxious, and scared to come to ballet.  After class, she was beaming and told her teacher that ballet class felt safe because everyone was spaced out and wore masks in the lobby.  Ballet was something normal and fun – she got to “dance big” in the studio, see her teacher who she loves, and say “hi” to dance friends from last year.

This is exactly why we do what we do: why we opened on schedule even in the midst of storm recovery.  This is why we didn’t quit in the middle of the pandemic.  This is why we are working harder than ever for our students and families.  We’ve all been through (and are still going through!) so much this year. Our kids need safe social interaction, positive role models, physical activity, and outlets for creative expression more than ever.  Opening week in 2020 was different in many ways, but one thing remains constant through it all: our instructors going above and beyond to make dance safe, healthy, and positive for every student that comes through our doors. 


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