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In Dance Class, I Learn:

In dance class, I learn:

The power of dedication, discipline and focus.

To dream, and build plans to accomplish my goals.

That even though I’m exhausted and might feel like quitting, the reward comes from perseverance.

To work independently as an individual, but also to work in groups both large and small and to be a proud, supportive and respectful group member.

To deal with disappointment when I didn’t get that part or role I hoped and strived for, or fell during a move practiced over and over.

To win with humility and grace, and to accept disappointing results with a greater drive to work hard and improve.

In dance class, I learn:

To fall and get up, continue, and work to make it better next time.

The value of caring for my body; understanding how it works, discovering what it can do and the importance of rest and taking time to heal when needed.

That a craft requires hours and hours of conscientious practice to be proficient at; that success does not happen overnight.

The importance of practice and time invested outside of class.  Just like homework and studying helps ensure success at school, practice and stretching outside of class helps ensure success in dance.

To work towards mastering a step – in dance, just “doing” or becoming competent at a step is not enough – each movement must be done with precise timing, correct style, and while smiling or performing and making difficult steps look easy and effortless.

To show respect for my teachers and other dancers.

A pride in arriving early to classes, rehearsals, and performances – prepared and ready to perform, with all of the equipment and the correct uniform or costume.

Responsibility for my own learning, actions, and work ethic.  Teachers can help us learn to dance – but they cannot dance for us.

These shared and personal experiences in the dance studio contain values and lessons that will serve me throughout my life, whether I continue with dance into adulthood or not.


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