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January 2020 Dancers of the Month

We’re excited to kick off the new year with a new group of Dancers of the Month!  Each month, our faculty takes notice of dancers doing great things in and outside of the studio – and we want to take a quick minute to recognize a few dancers who have really stood out with their exceptional effort and kindness at the studio and beyond.

Please join us in congratulating January’s Dancers of the Month!

Dance & Discover – Isla T

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Isla was nominated by Miss Morgan: “In my Dance & Discover 3 class, Isla started cheering for her friends when they practiced our tumbling skills across the mat.  By the end of the class, everyone was applauding for every dancer when they finished their turn!  Isla started this encouragement and it continues in this class every week.”



Levels 1-3 – Shayla C

Shayla was nominated by Miss Katie Thul: “In my Ballet 3 class, Shayla has been phenomenal!  She has made a point to introduce herself to classmates she didn’t know before, consistently raises her hand to answer questions, and is confident in her ballet terminology.  I’ve been so impressed with her and am excited to see how much she’ll grow this season!  Shayla always makes a point to say “hi” to the young dancers in the hallway and is so sweet to our preschool students.”






Levels 4+ – Taryn H, Gretchen C, and Karli S

Taryn, Gretchen, and Karli were nominated by all of our Company coaches – here’s why from Miss Vanessa: “We had a Company dancer suffer an injury outside of dance and she is out for the rest of the season – after all of our choreography was taught and ready to go.  Taryn, Gretchen, and Karli all agreed to jump in to learn new group routines quickly to help the teams still perform at their best this season.  They spent extra time with friends and choreography videos and have done an amazing job learning a lot of choreography quickly and performing it at a high level from the start.  These girls have demonstrated going above and beyond for their team this season.”

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