March 2020 Newsletter

March Highlights at the Studio:

  • Competition Season continues!
  • Skills Testing for Graded Technique classes
  • Evaluations & Recommendations (emailed home March 23)
  • 2020-2021 Schedules coming this month!
  • Spring Break (studio is closed March 14-20)
  • Tights & Performance Undergarment Sale (March 23-30)
  • Recital preparation in full swing!
    • April deadlines for Father-Daughter Dance, Program Ads, and Dancer Shout-Outs

Message from Miss Vanessa:

March is one of my favorite months of the year – the weather starts to show signs of spring, recital preparation is exciting – we start to see what routines will look like onstage!  Personally, spring break is one of my favorite weeks of the year – it’s my wedding anniversary and Dan and I always take a trip to celebrate. 🙂

I hope you got a great glimpse into the progress your dancer has made so far this year during Parent Participation Week!  Teachers will be sending home even more information and feedback about your dancer’s progress with their Evaluation and Recommendation forms that will go home via email on March 23.  This is an exciting and busy time!  We’re preparing both for recital and for the summer and next season behind the scenes and can’t wait for you to see what we have coming up!

We love how the dance studio is an escape from the negative news and stress of life and work and school, but we know some families are seeing the news and growing concern about health/hygiene/etc.  We want you to know that we’ve increased our daily disinfecting protocols in the studio rooms (mopping the floors and disinfecting barres/spots/mats daily) and are encouraging students and staff to wash hands with soap and water before and after class.  Just a reminder – parents, please keep any sick kids home.  Makeup classes are always available when everyone is healthy 🙂

Company, Mini Company, and Community Team Audition Information is Online Now!

Dancers who love to perform and want to be a part of a hardworking, dedicated team should check out our performing groups.  At The Pointe, we have a performing group for every level of interest and for ages 5 and up!

Community Team

Community Team at The Pointe is a non-competitive performance team for dancers who love to perform! This is a great opportunity for dancers ages 5+ who want more performance experience throughout the year.

Dancers in Community Team are placed in groups by age and skill level after auditions.

Dancers age 5-18 may audition for a spot on our Community Team!

Learn more about Community Team here.

Mini Company

Mini Company at The Pointe is an introduction to dance competition for dancers ages 6-9 with at least one year of dance experience.

The purpose of The Pointe’s Mini Company is to provide students with a well-rounded, fun, exciting, and professional dance experience!

Dancers ages 6-8 may audition for a spot in Mini Company.

Learn more about Mini Company here.


Company at The Pointe is our exciting competitive program designed for dancers who want to grow through accelerated training, additional performances, and competition experience.

This program includes 4 key elements: accelerated training, additional performance opportunities, additional learning opportunities, and a family environment.

Dancers ages 9+ (9 by January 1, 2021) may audition for a spot in Company.

Learn more about Company here.


Skills Testing Week – March 8-13

NEW this year – before our instructors write and prepare class evaluations and recommendations, we are taking a week to focus on the key skills in the curriculum for every Graded Technique class.  Dancers shouldn’t be nervous about this – it’s not a “test” like at school – rather, it’s a chance for our teachers to take a class and really focus in on each key skill and each individual student.

Class Evaluations and Recommendations for summer and 2020-2021 classes will be emailed home on March 23!

Our instructors invest a lot of time and care to look at every student and recommend the classes that will be the best fit for them.  Ideally, a dancer will be enrolled in a class that has some elements they can confidently execute and other elements that are a challenge or a reach for them.  Most dancers spend an average of two years in each Graded Technique level.  Your class evaluations and recommendations will help you know what classes to sign up for during the summer and 2020-2021 school year!

If your dancer has questions about their evaluation form, their teacher is happy to answer questions and give them more insight.  It is possible for a dancer to receive a recommendation and then with specific feedback, maybe some extra summer classes or private lessons or practice in one area, be able to move to the next level.  Please have your dancer communicate with their instructor if there are any questions or concerns about their placement recommendation.  We are here to help your dancer reach their goals in any way we can.

Recital Preparation & Opportunities

Some classes have learned their entire recital dance!  It’s time to get all ready for recital.
All dates, schedules, times, and more are online on our recital page here.  Please save this page for your reference!

Here are the basics you should know now:

  • Find the showtime for your class(es) on the schedules ( or ask us at the Front Desk.  We have three unique shows on Sunday, June 7 at 12:00, 3:00, and 6:00.
  • Mark your calendars for ticket sales that will open April 2 (every family has 4 complimentary tickets – reserve those seats and purchase additional tickets early for the best seat selection)
  • Make sure you have picture week (May 17-21, most classes Monday through Thursday will have photos on their same class day but an adjusted time) on your calendar! The adjusted schedule is online on our recital page!
  • Make sure you have dress rehearsals (June 2-4) on your calendar!  Dress rehearsals are required for dancers to perform in recital.
  • Stay tuned for information about the Father Daughter Dance performance opportunity for dancers in first grade and up!
  • Get ready for practice videos, music, and more for your dancer’s class(es) and the finale that includes all dancers in the recital.
  • We have created a dedicated Recital Page (just like the Holiday Showcase page) with all of the information you need.  Please bookmark this page and refer to it for your recital planning!
  • To reach the Recital Page – view our website (, click on “Current Students” in the top right corner (or on the menu if you’re viewing on a phone), and

    Recital costumes arrive between the holiday break and late April.  We’ll send an email when your class has their costumes ready to be distributed in the next class session.  Here are a few tips to help you care for your costumes between the time they go home and recital events starting in May:

    1 – Dancers in dress code (wearing a leotard) can easily slip their costume on over their leotard to try them on at the end of class.  This is just one of the many ways that being in dress code pays off!
    2 – Please be prepared to label every costume piece as soon as it comes home.
    3 – NEW THIS YEAR – We are sending home all costumes hung up and in garment bags.  Please help us keep the costumes in great condition by keeping them hung up nicely and all accessories together.
    4 – Costumes are not to be worn for play or other activities until pictures, dress rehearsal, and recital.  We want to see them at their best in June (and they make great dress-up outfits after the performances!)
    5 – Specific tights and shoes are needed for each class – your instructor will detail what’s needed (and we will send this information home as we get closer to pictures and recitals) in class.  We have the shades of shoes and tights needed in the dance shop and will have a sale on tights around spring break to help families stock up on all the tights they need for performance ?
    6 – Small alterations are sometimes needed to help a costume fit just right – we have a group of veteran parents who will be available as we get closer to recital for help with strap adjustments or other small fixes.  More information on this opportunity will be sent home this spring.

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Did you see – PSD won the ADCC Studio of Excellence Award at our first competition!  If you know a Company dancer, please give them a huge congratulations and high five!

Where to Find What you Need

We’re at the front desk from 4:30 – 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday and 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Saturday mornings.  We’re also available via email: any time!

For the dress code for all classes:
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