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ROCK YOUR Parent Participation Week

We are so excited for our second round of classes this week where we invite parents into the studios to see what we do!  This week is not just for parent observation… but parent participation! 🙂

Parent Participation Week at The Pointe is February 18 – 23.  We love sharing the gift of dance with our studio parents and giving you a chance to see and experience the great stuff that happens in classes each week at the studio!

Join your dancer this week for a peek into what we do and some insights from instructors on the “why” behind some of the traditions, routines, and exercises in each class.

Absolutely no dance experience is necessary to have a blast with your dancers in class this week.  Here are some tips to make the experience a great one for you and your dancer(s)!

  • Talk to your dancer ahead of time so they know you’re coming in the studio just this time and see what they’re most excited for you to try!
  • Plan to be active and move!  Wear clothing that’s comfortable for you to move in.  Consider that most classes include some work or stretching on the floor in addition to standing.
  • Wear socks or be ready to go barefooted – street shoes often carry in sand/salt/dirt/etc that can be damaging to our specialty dance floors.  Street shoes can stay in the hallway, lobby, dressing room, or lounge.
  • Some of our full classes may feel a little crowded in the rooms – doubling our class capacity will do that.  We’re going to use the total dance room and may practice some exercises in groups when needed to accommodate if we have super full rooms 🙂
  • This week is for parents to participate – not younger siblings or friends.  Of course, an aunt or uncle or grandparent can step in for a parent – little siblings or peer friends should have other plans during class time this week 🙂
  • Try to remember what you saw earlier this year at Parent Observation Week – look for the growth in your student!  Not only in new skills learned, but in the mastery and consistency of performing those skills.  Professional ballerinas still work on perfecting their plies and tendus!
  • This is a fun way to learn more about what your dancer does and learns in class each week – approach it with an open mind and be ready to try something new.  Your dancer will love getting to teach you a little bit!  Our instructors are planning fun things to do to include parents this week.
  • We’ll probably have parents participate for the first 2/3 to 3/4 of class – and then we’ll give parents a break when we work on our recital routines. You’re welcome to stay in the studio to watch the rehearsal portion – but we know that you probably haven’t had the chance to learn the first minute or so of choreography at home 😉

This week is one of our favorite events of the year and we can’t wait to see the awesome parents of our incredible students in the studio this week!

– Miss Vanessa & The PSD Dream Team

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