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Tips for Parent Observation Week

Parent Observation Week is coming up at The Pointe (November 12-17) and we couldn’t be more excited!  Here are some guidelines and tips from our staff to help make this Parent Observation Week a positive experience for you and your dancer.

1 – Talk to your dancer about it!  Let them know you’ll be coming in to see their class.  Ask them what parts of dance class they love the most – what movements come naturally to them, and what are they challenged with?  What can they tell you about their instructor?  Let your dancer know that you’re excited to see them shine on the dance floor before they have a formal performance – if they know that you’re excited, they’ll be excited, too!

2 – Be prepared to focus on dance class for the complete class.  To keep our classes productive, we ask that parent observers (no siblings or friends, please) watch the entire class quietly.  Adults walking in and out of the studio or talking to each other or on the phone is really distracting, especially for our youngest students.  Thank you for your help in demonstrating to your child what a great class member and audience member looks like.  If you must have a conversation or take a phone call, please step out of the room and try to limit any entrances and exits during class.  (If you aren’t able to observe without a younger sibling during the scheduled observation days, simply email our office and we can set up an alternate time for you to observe the class when you are able to do that).

3 – Come to class a little early.  Some of our classes are at capacity, and it will be a busy week with a full lobby!  Planning a few extra minutes to get parked and ready for class is a great idea.  If our parking lot is full, the law office right across from Studio D has given us permission to have families park there when needed after 5:00 PM.

4 – Know that our teachers are excited about this week and may have a few parent participation activities planned – you will be able to watch and observe a lot, and you may be asked to join in, too!  Some classes may do partner exercises with a parent and a dancer, others may give dancers a movement or step to teach their parent.  We’re looking forward to getting some parents involved in the class, too!

Parent Observation Week at The Pointe is November 12-17.  I was so fortunate growing up as a dancer to have my parents really take an interest in my favorite activity – they learned about dance because it was so important to me.  Now that I have the opportunity to direct a dance studio, I hope to provide opportunities for other parents to learn about their child’s activity and make dance class something that helps families come together.

We can’t wait to invite parents into our studios soon.  Thank you for supporting your dancers and our programs!

-Miss Vanessa

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