Tips for your First Day of Dance

We are SO excited for the first day of dance classes!  Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite advice to make your dancer’s first day a success.  Rebekah, a high school dancer at The Pointe, is a guest writer on our blog today with her advice for your first dance class! (We’ve added a few comments and some helpful guides for different levels, too!) 🙂

Tips For Your First Day of Dance Class

For your first dance class, try to come a few minutes early to allow time to find your studio room, get your shoes on, and go to the bathroom.  When it’s time for your class to start, your teacher or their assistant will call the class into the room.  They’ll seat everyone in a circle to take attendance and introduce themselves, or will tell you where to stand at the barre or in the center of the room. (Parents, before you get to the studio, remind your dancer that they’ll go into class on their own.  You’ll be able to watch through our viewing windows if you’d like.  Encouragement and positivity from you will help young students be ready to go into class independently!)

If your dancer is taking Dance & Discover 1, 2 or 3, they will start in tap shoes. Around halfway through the class, we’ll switch to ballet shoes. Any dance shoes needed for your class are available for fitting in the dance shop during open hours. (We’re open starting 9/7/19 from 9:00-12:00 on Saturday mornings, and 4:30-7:00 PM Monday through Thursday).

Dress for Success!

If it’s your very first dance class ever, don’t worry if you don’t have the correct shoes on your first day. However, it is recommended that you have them before the end of the first few classes so your dancer
can practice in them as much as possible. If your dancer is taking ballet and doesn’t have their ballet
shoes, I would recommend they wear socks.  For all levels and styles of dance, it is important to follow the dress code completely.  For most classes, this is a leotard, tights, and the correct shoes. Not only are leotards much easier to move in, they allow your teacher to see if your body is in correct alignment. As for your dancer’s hair, a bun is extremely important.

When I was younger, I wore a ponytail all year because buns weren’t required, and when the recital came, I was unable to do my fouettes (if you don’t know what fouettes are – they’re LOTS of turns performed all in a row and a very advanced skill!) because I was so used toovercompensating for my long hair. Since then, I have worn a bun to class every day and I am able to do my turns at performances the same as in class because my hair isn’t in my way.

If you have any questions about the studio, what you need to buy for your dancer (check our Dress Code page here), or what classes your dancer can take, do not hesitate to ask a staff member. (Yes!  We’re here to help!  We’re available by email: and by phone: 319-377-5292)

More Tips for your First Day – by Level