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5 Reasons Summer Dance is Important & Special

Unleash your child’s creativity this summer with dance classes and camps!  Summer will be here before we know it, and we’re gearing up to beat the heat at The Pointe!  We have the perfect cure for summertime boredom or blues with our line-up of classes and camps.  With so many choices for activities available over the summer, we’ve listed here our top 5 reasons why summer dance is special and important!

  1. Discovery!  Dance is a great way for children to discover what they’re passionate about.  Many of our summer dance camps offer a specific style or fuse several styles together within the week and focus on fun!  These camps include various dance styles, different types of music, and crafts and other activities.  There’s something that every child will love in summer dance camps!
  2. Engage the Brain!  During the school year, children are learning and challenged all day long!  Summer dance camps and classes are a great resource to trigger young minds through physical and observational learning.  In class, dancers memorize sequences of steps, spacing, music, formations – all of these things keep their brains active!  Studies show that when we make split-second, quick decisions (like when we dance) we create new neural pathways that increase our intelligence.  While kids are enjoying a break from school, their minds can still be active and engaged in dance camp or class!
  3. Beat the Heat! While summer weather (especially in Iowa) encourages us to enjoy the warm days and cool pools, a break from the severe heat and humidity is important for young and growing bodies.  Our dance classes and camps are all inside our air-conditioned studio, and camps include time for snacks and crafts that give young and active children a chance to rest and recover.
  4. Make New Friends!  One of the greatest benefits of summer camps is getting to meet new people.  Our dance camps encourage new friendships, and will introduce your dancer to new positive role models in our teachers and teaching assistants.  Dance classes and camps build a team-like atmosphere and dancers will work together in classes and camps to grow their skills and accomplish their goals.  Receiving instruction from new teachers and with new classmates is incredibly helpful in a child’s development, and it’s fun!
  5. Encourage your child’s creativity!  If your child loves to create – movement, music, or art projects – summer dance camps and classes are a great outlet!


Thinking about a summer dance class or camp?  Take a look at our class and camp offerings here.  Our staff would love to help you find the best fit for your family.  Give us a call (319)377-5292 or email (info@thepointeschool.com) any time!  Register your dancer for summer online here.

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